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Welcome to innergo!

I am Maria Bucht, teacher of the Alexander Technique since 2003. Over the years I have been working with a variety of people that has felt a need for either change due to pain or a desire of improvement in their particular field of passion. My own passions in life are riding and martial arts, I enjoy singing but refrain to play music on Spotify and not on instruments.

I base my work on the findings of FM Alexander and the fact that he stated that we are a psychophysical being, an entity, and that our mind and body are affecting one another at all times. Since I am an avid student I’ve studied Thomas Myers work on fascia, John Assaraf and Mark Waldman’ss teaching on neuroscience and Mary Morrissey on life skills just to mention a few and I have benefitted enormously from the coaching by Catherine LeCleux.

If you live at such a distance that hands on work would require a bit of an effort but still want to benefit from the mind aspect of FM Alexander’s discoveries I offer a service as accountabiliy partner. It’s something that has developed by itself over the years from working with clients and in the later years mentoring univercity students getting the work place games working.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to have an Alexander Technique experience combined with North Swedish Magic Winter or taste of our Summer of Eternal Day. Apart from Alexander related activities it’s possible to arrange riding, dog sledging, xcountry skiing  etc.